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Here’s a couple of recent questions from readers of teensplaining:

Dear Hannah, 

 I like this girl a lot, let’s call her T. T and I are both on a sports team and I just found out she is dating someone…another girl. I fully support her lifestyle but it still hurts. Is there anything I can do other than just deal with the heartache?
–A Very Confused Boy
Dear Very Confused Boy,
Hello there.
Unreciprocated love in all its forms is just awful, isn’t it? But the important thing is how you deal with it. There are two relatively positive paths I can imagine–1) If this upset hasn’t made you feel sick with disappointment every time you try to talk to T, you can still make a heartfelt attempt at striking up a strong friendship with her (if you feel up to it, ask her about her girlfriend. She’ll be glad to know you support her). I’m sure she’s a great person, and maybe one day you’ll even be able to talk to her about this. Maybe you’ll even laugh a little.2) If this is too hard a hit for you to consider trying a shot at being “just friends” with her for a while, fall back on your friends if you haven’t already. Blurb all this to them. Good friends can always sympathize! And as I’m sure they will tell you, there will always be other girls. Time heals deep wounds well.Regardless, you’ve had a tough time of it! Cut yourself a little slack– have yourself a little cry, a little cake, and a little country music or heavy metal, whichever you listen to when sad.Hope this helps,
Hannah 🙂

So, I have a friend (I’m going to call her A) and she is really nice and is fun and I like her. Last year there was some drama with A because of attention but I didn’t know much about it. She had broken away from some people in our group…the group is pretty big, guys and girls both, and some of them don’t talk to A anymore. One of the people had warned me about A, cuz she might hurt me, but I didn’t pay too much  attention to it, I was just a little on guard. Now there have been more people, maybe 5-6 that have wanted me and now I’m a little worried because I saw what happened myself. They don’t want to break my friendship with A, they just want me to stay on guard. Also, today one of them told me to avoid her because then she would start hating me. I wanted to host a party, and I had asked A to come, but she said that if she was coming, then I could not invite some other friends. I really want to invite them but then she might not come, and I don’t want her to feel excluded or anything…What should I do??? Thanks a ton, Hannah. I really appreciate it 🙂


Dear Anonymous,

Your predicament is actually quite common, but nonetheless tricky to resolve without hurting any feelings. It sounds like A is still holding a grudge against the people in the large group which she used to be a part of. And perhaps those who have warned you about her are also still a little sore. Of course, it’s your party and your friendships, so you have the final say. As long as you like A and she seems to respect your friendship with her and doesn’t talk trash about your other friends, I see no danger in continuing your friendship. And it’s not your responsibility to try and heal the rift between a and the large group. It’s best to stay out of as much drama as possible 🙂 If I were in your shoes, here’s what I would do:

  1. Explain to A that you’re friends with her and the large group and that you don’t want to break either friendships. Kindly offer her two choices: she can come to your party with the large group and try to “bury the hatchet”, or you and she can have a small sleepover party, just the two of you. After you two have your mini-party you can get together separately with the other friends.

Note!!: This will be a test of your friendship–if you tell her this and she gets super mad at you for not excluding the large group, that’s probably a sign that she might not be a great person for you to be around. 

If you have any other Q’s, feel free to ask. Hope this helps!

-Hannah 😀

Hi Hannah I love your blog! So I have a sis older than me and she doesn’t seem to really like to spend time with me and I don’t know how to make her laugh. I don’t know what we should do together. I’ve asked her what she likes to do but she says that we don’t have fun the same way. What should I do?


Dearest Kim,

As an older sister myself, I have a few suggestions for activities you can do with this older sister of yours:
o Have a water gun fight!
o Give each other super epic makeovers.
o Draw on the sidewalk with chalk
o Write stories and swap them. Then give each other feedback.
o Remodel each other’s rooms!
I’m sure you make her smile plenty–maybe you’re just not looking when she does. When siblings get older, they start to develop interests outside of their family life. They’re looking to figure out who they are, and sometimes that requires a little branching out from home. But there are still plenty of things you can do together.
Hope this helps,
Hannah :D

 Ur blog is amaze Hannah! I have been thinking of starting a blog on Fashion and especially makeup because those are some of my hobbies. I already have a Tumblr blog but that is focused on 1D! Do you have any advice on what I can do?
-Your Friend, Leila

Hannah says:

Dear Leila,

Well, the program I use is WordPress, and I registered teensplaining with www. but there are many other ways to start a blog. Search “how to start a blog” on Google and talk to your parents. Here are some tips if you ever start a blog:
1. Make sure that you don’t make grammatical errors or spell things wrong. It makes you look unprofessional
2. Use only your first name (and maybe a last initial) to keep your info private.
3. Color and photos/drawings are important in a blog. They add life to your website.

Hope this helps,

-Hannah 🙂

I have a daughter who is really interested in music like Taylor Swift and Katy Perry but wonder about their lyrics sometimes even though I love the tunes like she does. Any thoughts as a songwriter yourself about the content of these wonderful songs they write?   -Jane 

Dear Jane,

Taylor Swift usually doesn’t use any explicit language, however, her new album Red has more adult content. If you’re concerned about the lyrics, you can easily google the song’s lyrics. I’m not a Katy Perry expert, but you might want to be a little more wary of her lyrics. Overall, teens and kids alike don’t usually pay a lot of attention to individual lyrics.

-Hannah  😀

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