Invented Words

 This page is exactly what it sounds like! (words I made up) Δ Feel free to add your own in the comments section. 

Crumulous — a word meaning delicious, but only in regards to baked goods. “Those muffins look positively crumulous!”

Hareless— the sad state of not having a rabbit (the bestest animal ever). “I feel bad for you…you’re hareless!”

Flustrated— when you’re so annoyed that you can’t function properly and constantly jumble your words and actions, you’re flustrated. “I can’t even think up a good comeback because his insults make me so flustrated!”

Darbonne— somewhere over the rainbow. If you’re asked where someone is and you have no idea, reply with this word. “Where’d she go?” “Darbonne”.

Pyufoot–the final word. “You can’t say no to this. This is the manager’s pyufoot.”

Moofles— Annoying little things that tick a person off. “One of my moofles is when people eat all the cereal but leave the empty box in the cabinet.”

Relamerelam–nostalgic tales or memories. “They just sit around playing bridge and exchanging relamerelam.”

Durmok— a scam or fake. “Look at those durmok replicas!”

Meable–small obstacle or problem. “We tried to complete the project in time, but we ran into a couple of meables along the way.”

Ofrode— Of a rare quality. “Well, he’s an ofrode guy. You don’t meet one like him every day.”

Figinizeye— Curse him/her! “Did he do this? Figinizeye!”

Karakadun–A ceremonial procession or parade. “Come on! Live a little! Join the Karakadun!”

Spinyun–A tall tale used as an alibi. “Do you really believe that spinyun of a story?” 

Heshy— bitter or cynical. “That heshy guy in the back needs to lighten up a little.”

Yakkle–A small fight. “It was nothing. The guys just got into a yakkle.”

Unsocre–unheard of, against the status quo. “How terribly unsocre!”

Flimmy–silly, unimportant. “Hey, don’t cry about flimmy things.”

Spargauze–A fundraising event. “He’s gone to a spargauze for the hungry.”

Perhicular— Unique. “What a perhicular person!”

Tyressa— A disease that makes your voice sound squeaky.

Marmar–chatter. “Just listen to that marmar going on next door. They really can’t keep their mouths shut!

Greel— To make fangirl/fanboy noises. “Yeah, she just finished the last season of Sherlock. The crying/laughing noises? She’s just greeling.”

Floot— to pin the blame on another. “You think it’ll be a problem? Just floot in on Josh.”

Passenjerk— the one guy/gal that no one wants to carpool with because they are an obnoxious and irritating passenger.

Sluess– A person who’s famous and regarded with jealousy. “What a sluess! I’m twice as good an actor as he is. How come I’m not famous?”

Diddlybabbles – Small philosophical observations. “John Green books are full of diddlybabbles.”

Friggles– an alternative expletive. “I left my keys in there! Friggles!”

Beautamous— extremely gorgeous. “That dress was absolutely beautamous! It took my breath away!”

Tarful– a boring person. “Oh, he’s a tarful alright.”

Nillionaire– Someone with little to no money. “I’m a nillionaire. So basically, I’m broke.”

Rangadang– an unnecessary fuss. “She made a rangdang over the results of the election.”

Montoonaque – A cheesy tv show. “That show is a total montoonaque. The acting is SO bad!”

Disdorfanable– Inexcusable- disgraceful to your family and friends. “What she said to Mrs. Hensfeild was disdorfanable! I will never be able to show my face in public again!”

Sladeface– An insult for someone who’s always reserved and quiet. “That girl who sits in the back of the room? She’s a total sladeface!”

Farthyway– Go ahead. “Can I pass?” “Farthyway!”

Carbunkums!– An alternative expletive.

Jinxysticks!– Kind of like punch buggy, but you say it when you see a purple car.

Scropulous– Worth salvaging. “That is a scropulous vintage purse!”

Yickzar– Another term for a greenhorn or an amateur. “He doesn’t  really know anything. He’s only a yickzar.”

Fantabulous– So freaking awesome it makes you want to cry, “That book was so fantabulous. I hope it gets made into a movie.”

Wussband– A husband who acts cowardly. “Stop being such a wussband!”

Gragga– What you say when you are just fed up with something. Eg. “Would you just stop that! Gragga!”

Mooshpie– totally ridiculous (e.g.. “what he said was total mooshpie)

Herrgiblaw– Feeling very, very bad. Eg. “I’m feeling herrigiblaw today.”

Confuzzaladadled– very, very confused

Sqeezums!– an exclamation at something awesome.

Humbubalum– The feeling of bubbly joy! 😀

Falalalalalalalalaums -the anticipation for Christmas and winter break

Blurgnarg– The feeling you get when you’re bored and sleepy, and you want to be productive, but you don’t want to do your homework.

Carguing– Arguing in the car. It’s fun to watch. “Hey look, the guys in the mini-van next to us are carguing about something!”

Fluerging– (verb) trying to thing of an idea, but it just hasn’t come to you.


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  1. I am feeling very blurgnarg… i hate homework but I love this saying:
    “life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”

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